About Us
Our Journey of Compassion and Impact

Established in 2010, The Reproductive Health Network Kenya (RHNK) champions Comprehensive Adolescence and Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (AYSRHR). Our mission is rooted in the commitment to delivering comprehensive sexual and reproductive health and rights, advocacy, and service provision. We emphasize inclusive and comprehensive abortion care, facilitated through strategic partnerships and capacity building initiatives.

Our Principles of Change
The Network’s mission is to provide evidence-based information and quality comprehensive reproductive health services in Kenya.
A healthy society with comprehensive reproductive health information and services.
To improve access to quality and comprehensive reproductive health services through strategic partnerships and capacity building.
We are dedicated to maintaining
quality in personal care
We value adherence to service standards that conform to professional expectations, including procedures and etiquette
Quality of care
We are committed to providing quality comprehensive reproductive health services and information that meet and exceed expectations of the clientele we serve.
Right to Choose
While facing moral judgements around reproductive health, we support the right of all women to choose their options and we are obliged to educate them on options that improve their health.
As a member organisation, we act on behalf of our members and various professions they represent. We value the trust given to us as an organisation and pursue our goals with integrity, transparency and accountability, by building mutual trust in all levels of our work from governance to programming.
At RHNK, we believe in creating a one-stop-shop for reproductive health services to alleviate suffering and disenfranchising that hinder access and affordability of services .
At RHNK, we strive to ensure that we improve access to services by making them available, affordable and relevant to the needs of the population we serve. We have a strong belief that no woman should be left behind in reproductive health .
We work with like-minded organizations and build collaborations with our clients to improve our services. We leverage the value of working together as partners, and not competitors, to ensure our services reach more people.
Equality and Equity
We strive to ensure that we provide equal treatment to all our clients, keeping in mind their unique circumstances.
Reducing maternal mortality rates due to unsafe abortions
RHNK's main strategic goal is to contribute to the reduction of maternal morbidity and mortality with a focus on the two among other five causes of maternal mortality and morbidity which is postpartum haemorrhage and unsafe abortions.
Meet the people who make it happen
We are better together.
Dr. John Nyamu
Elizabeth Mariara
Kephine Ojung’a
Beverly Polet
Joseph Katana
Meet the people who make it happen
We are better together.
Nelly Munyasia
Executive Director
Dr. Edison Omollo
Programs Director
Stellah Mwevya
Finance Manager
Nancylynn Kavuka
Service Delivery Programs Manager
Brenda Boit
Advocacy Programs Manager
Graham Nyaberi
Monitoring and Evaluation Manager
Isabel Khalechi
Human Resource Manager
Mwende Ngumbi
Sales and Marketing Manager