Our Work
What we do
Spreading compassion, and initiating change
Service Delivery
RHNK addresses SRH service delivery challenges in Kenya, such as commodity shortages, distant health centers, and inadequate policy enforcement. Our programs focus on improving provider capacity, ensuring access to supplies, and enhancing community involvement. We establish accountability mechanisms and develop referral pathways, including innovative approaches like self-care and tele-medicine, to expand access to youth-friendly SRH services.
Limited political prioritization and societal norms hinder SRHR, exacerbating gender disparities and religious opposition. RHNK advocates for SRHR as a human right through evidence-based strategies, engaging stakeholders for policy reforms.
Adolescent and Youth Engagement
Access to comprehensive sexuality education is vital for adolescent SRHR, yet Kenya faces challenges in implementing it due to inadequate teacher training, cultural reservations, and legal misunderstandings. RHNK's Adolescents and Youth Program, led by a dedicated coordinator, employs over 200 trained youth peer providers to deliver youth-centric SRHR interventions in peri-urban areas, advocating for the rights of Kenya's substantial youth population.
Evidence and Research Generation
Effective SRHR advocacy and policy-making in Kenya requires improved data collection and research dissemination. RHNK conducts research and hosts forums like the Annual Scientific Conference on Adolescent and Youth SRHR to share insights and strategies with stakeholders.
Gender Equality at the Workplace
Kenyan workplaces face gender inequalities rooted in sociocultural norms, impacting female employees' SRHR. RHNK empowers vulnerable women through advocacy, aiming to integrate SRHR and Gender Equality into workplace policies. Strategies include training champions and establishing safety committees for inclusive environments.
Movement Building
Kenya faces challenges from well-funded anti-SRHR movements, impacting policy-making and causing intimidation. RHNK leads a coalition to elevate SRHR politically, aiming for policy change and grassroots support.