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Gender Equality at the Workplace

As a result of deep-rooted sociocultural norms (patriarchy) in Kenya, female employees continue to face gender inequalities at the workplace and consequently denial of Sexual Reproductive Health Rights. Despite the existence of several commitments, laws and policies to enhance gender equality and support a conducive environment at the workplace, Kenyan employers lack clarity on interpretation of existing SRHR and human resource policies in the workplace. A majority of workplaces have also not domesticated or streamlined relevant polices to actualize gender equality, SRHR and prevent sexual gender-based violence. This has left women and girls who are most vulnerable to struggle in maintaining their right to decent work, health and equality at the workplace.

RHNK's initiative to promote gender equality at the workplace, focuses on empowering vulnerable women who are often economically disadvantaged due to structural discrimination, by engaging in advocacy and sensitization efforts aimed at integrating Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) and Gender Equality (GE) into workplace policies by engaging stakeholders in advocating for policy changes at the company, county and national levels to create a more inclusive and supportive workplace environment. Strategies such as training SRHR champions, empowering employees with information and establishing safety and welfare committees across all participating companies are utilized.