What we do

Movement Building

Anti-Sexual Reproductive Health Rights ( SRHR) movements in Kenya are increasingly getting bolder, are highly organized and are well funded. As a result, they are increasingly influencing government agencies and getting involved in SRHR decision making forums while weaponizing culture and religion, making it difficult for Kenya to implement SRHR commitments. This has led to eroding of SRHR laws and increased intimidation, harassment and attacks on SRHR healthcare providers, advocates and persons seeking SRHR including key population. While anti-SRHR movements are getting stronger, SRHR civil society organizations in Kenya continue to work in silos due to lack of coordination to address SRHR challenges faced in the country.

At RHNK, we aim at creating a strong vibrant locally owned intersectional movement with global allies championing for an enabling environment for SRHR. RHNK is spearheading the establishment of a trans-formative coalition, the Sexual and Reproductive Health Coalition, in Kenya. This collaborative effort involves key organizations with the aim to elevate Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) issues to a political level, influencing elections, policy-making, and resource allocation. With RHNK serving as the convener, the initiative employs various methods, including campaigns, education, and capacity building, to politicize SRHR issues and build champions across sectors. Prioritizing specific guidelines and targeting influential entities, the coalition seeks to drive significant change in Kenya's SRHR landscape, aiming for greater political awareness, policy impact, and grassroots momentum.