What we do

Adolescent and Youth Engagement

Access to comprehensive sexuality education is crucial for adolescents to realize their Sexual Reproductive Health Rights ( SRHR). Kenya has made several commitments to scale up comprehensive sex education with a particular focus on adolescents and young people, however, the government is yet to incorporate the same in school curriculum and programs. Challenges inhibiting the implementation of comprehensive sex education include inadequate teacher training on sex education, reservations related to adolescents engaging in premarital sex and contraceptive use, other religious myths & misconceptions and limited understanding of the legal environment surrounding adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health Rights.

At RHNK, our Adolescents and Youth Program, led by the dedicated RHNK Adolescents and Youth Coordinator, has over 200 youth peer providers, professionally trained to provide youth-centric interventions that deliver SRHR information, referrals and services. Focused on peri-urban areas, this initiative advocates for the rights of Kenya’s significant 78% youth population.