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A Qualitative Review
Documentation of selfcare pilot activities in Bungoma County
The Kenya Government through the Division of Reproductive Health developed the Guidelines on Self-care in Reproductive Health and signed them off for use in May 2023. The Government of Bungoma County however allowed partners to pilot the Self-care (SC) activities from July 2022 as the guidelines were being finalized.
Training booklet for Providers
A Gender Transformative Approach to Safe Abortion
A Gender Transformative Approach or GTA for short is a type of gender lens that can be applied to any kind of work. It is particularly relevant to sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) as gender and sexuality are closely connected. The goal of a GTA is to reduce gender bias and their underlying unequal power relations. It ultimately aims to transform negative gender norms and power imbalance into positive norms and equity that is where the “transformative” comes from.
Training booklet for Providers
Engage Men and Boys in the Approach to Safe Abortion
Often when we talk about SRHR and gender, we talk about women. In safe abortion service provision this no different. However, engaging men and boys is crucial; on the one hand they can play a positive and supportive role as (sexual partner) and on the other hand men and boys often the main contributor of negative health outcomes that girls and women face including unintended pregnancies.